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The Arts

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Golden Monkey Kung Fu

In a nutshell....

Golden Monkey Kung Fu is a southern Shaolin based art focusing primarily on monkey kung fu as it's core. The five traditional shaolin animals, (Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Crane, & Snake) are represented in this system, with aspects of monkey kung fu hidden within.

Traditional weaponry and praying mantis kung fu are integrated, giving this art a unique balance.


Southern Praying Mantis Chinese Boxing

Kwong Sai Jook Lum Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu

In a nutshell...
Southern praying mantis is a soft style kung fu system from the southern region of china. It refines and simplifies the 18 hands (9 attacking & 9 defending angles) theory of the Shaolin. This is a no nonsense fighting art that is up close and personal.  Traits of this art are 75% hands and 25% feet that are always redirecting and turning an attackers power back upon them. Results are devastating. Southern Mantis in no way resembles the northern praying mantis kung fu systems.

The current fifth generation world master of Kwong Sai Jook Lum Tong Long Pai is Gin Foon Mark who resides in St. Paul Minnesota.


Kenpo Karate

In a nut shell....

Kenpo is a Chinese version of karate developed by Ed Parker Sr. combining the linear movements of Okinawan karate and the circular moves of Chinese kung fu. This is a modernized art with both ancient fighting techniques and scientific principles.  Since we no longer fight with swords or on horseback, Kenpo is designed for "today’s battlefield".

Kenpo is a system of ideas, not rules. It is adapting & changing with each movement, causing a reaction in the attacker leading you to the next strike.

This endless flow of motion is overwhelming to your opponent.


Filipino Martial Arts - Kali, Arnis, Eskrima

In a nutshell...

FMA is one of the top cultural exports of the Philippines and overall it plays well into a national Filipino identity. With a history of occupation by and resistance to foreign powers, the practitioner of Filipino Martial Arts is participating in a warrior tradition founded on courage in the face of battle and potential annihilation.
A student of FMA could expect to become proficient in a variety of traditional weaponry. Some of the areas of training include:
•Single stick, sword, axe, palm stick, and dagger.
•Double stick, sword, axe, and dagger.
•Long and Short weapons like stick and dagger or sword and dagger.
•Pole arms like the staff and spear.
•Flexible weapons like the sarong, whip, rope, or chain.
•Empty hand fighting consisting of punches, kicks, and sophisticated grappling arts.

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